This Ain’t Nothin’

My brother once said that you can tell much about a person by asking him/her to name an all time favorite movie. His? It’s A Wonderful Life. This plays at the top of my list for sure, but I have trouble naming favorites of anything. My tastes are extremely eclectic in movies, books, music. A quick review of my ipod or goodreads account demonstrates this. So, from time to time I’ll refer to songs, movies, or books here – and possibly different references to religion or philosophy. I do not fit comfortably in boxes….
So, today I share thoughts on a song from Country singer Craig Morgan who sings a beautiful song by the title “This Ain’t Nothin’,” wherein a man facing the rubble of a tornado that destroyed his home tells the reporter about the sorrow he has faced in life.

We all face challenges and difficulties, mostly unexpected – like losing a job or even a home. We may rightfully feel hurt or angry. We don’t always choose what happens to us – but songs like “This Ain’t Nothin'” (and movies like It’s A Wonderful Life) can help put things in perspective when we need it.

Check it out on you tube….


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